Is the use of a hand disinfectant exaggerated in everyday life?

1.    When comparing the use of desinfect to hand washing, its antimicrobial effectiveness in disinfecting hands is greater, it is faster (15 seconds as opposed to 60 seconds), and significantly more gentle on the skin.

2.    What should be done when water is not available for hand washing? Recent television programs have shown how everyday objects are covered with germs. Tests of fuel pumps, automatic teller machines and shopping carts found faecal bacteria and fungi.
desinfect cleansing tissues clean not only hands but also objects.

3.    Unwelcome bacteria, fungi and viruses, the so-called transient skin flora, are killed off after a short reaction time of only 15 seconds. These are pathogenic germs not usually found on the skin, but which are transferred through direct contact with objects or people. These germs include rhinoviruses (common cold), influenza viruses, faecal bacteria and salmonella. The so-called resident skin germs, which reside permanently on the human skin and perform useful functions, are spared.

Thanks to desinfect, hand hygiene is more efficient, faster, gentler on the skin and available wherever you wish.