desinfect is the practical cleansing tissue for hand hygiene while away from home or travelling.    It kills off 99.99% of all unwelcome bacteria, fungi and viruses and cleans hands and objects thoroughly - by contrast to regular refreshing tissues.

One package of desinfect contains 14 individually wrapped cleansing/disinfecting tissues. Their premium quality guarantees effectiveness for a period of at least 2,5 years following production date. The active ingredient in desinfect has been clinically tested. desinfect contains several pleasant and soothing moisturisers that nourish the hands.
All elements live up to ecologically high standards and are biodegradable.  

desinfect is available in pharmacies and drugstores at a price of 9.90* Swiss francs.

*suggested price

Composition:  Ethanol 450 mg, Alcohol propylicus 180 mg, excipiens ad solutionem pro 1ml Panthenol. Bisabolol. Allantoin.
Effective in:  hands 15 seconds, objects 30 seconds