Wash your hands, whenever you wish.

desinfect - hand hygiene needs while on the go

the convenient cleaning wipe

It reliably kills 99.99% of the unwanted bacteria, fungi, and viruses, giving you pristine hands in 15 seconds – as opposed to conventional wet wipes.

  • 14 individually packaged cleaning/disinfectant wipes per package 
  • easy to use and convenient for on the go
  • contains pleasant and precious oil-restoring substances which nurture your hands
  • high-quality guarantees that the wipes remain effective until their best-before date
  • officially and clinically tested active ingredient
  • not harmful to the environment thanks to fulfill high ecological standards

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Ethanol 450 mg, propane-1-ol 180 mg, panthenol, bisabolol, allantoin, excip. ad sol. per 1 ml

Time to take effect:  
15 seconds on hands


Do not have any water at hand?

We constantly come in contact with things that we do not want to touch for hygienic reasons, or that may even disgust us. They are strewn throughout our everyday life, our travels, and our free time (e.g. door handles, grips on public transport, telephone receivers, keyboards, sports equipment, shopping carts, etc.).

Do you often feel the urgent need to wash your hands immediately afterwards, but do not have any water or soap at hand?

You could use a wet wipe, but it doesn’t really do the job. It does clean your hands, but only superficially. It fails to eliminate unwanted bacteria, viruses, or fungi

desinfect wipe proves much more efficient, killing up to 99.99% of these bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

Hygiene against bacteria and viruses

The topic of hand hygiene is becoming increasingly important. Studies show that hands can spread infections incredibly quickly, even faster than kissing.

That’s why specialists recommend using alcohol-soaked wipes to clean your hands. Especially during the flu season, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) recommends that you regularly wash your hands and avoid shaking other people’s hands. According to doctors, our lack of hand hygiene is primarily to blame for spreading infections, and they thus advise using special disinfectants for your hands. The desinfect alcohol-soaked wipe really cleans your hands in any situation.

desinfect gives you a feeling of cleanliness you can count on.


Questions & Answers

  • to protect themselves and others against the transmission of
  • when there is no water available
  • in hygienically critical situations, a quick wash of the hands may not be sufficient; to be effective hands should be washed for 60 seconds, yet the average person spends no more tha 3-5 seconds washing his or her hands. 

desinfect cleansing tissues are saturated with a solution that essentially consists of a disinfectant* and the high-grade nourishing ingredients bisabolol, allantoin and panthenol.

*The disinfectant consists of a well-balanced alcohol mixture.

No, the nourishing ingredients bisabolol, allantoin and panthenol have a moisturising and nourishing effect .

The use of alcohol on healthy skin is generally not a problem. Alcoholic hand disinfectants have been used in healthcare for decades.

However, alcohol may cause an unpleasant and burning sensation on heavily used or even irritated skin. It is therefore advisable to check and reduce the frequency of hand washing* and contact with chemicals, such as detergents.

*Frequent washing of hands puts great strain on the skin.

No. desinfect is intended for use on healthy skin only. The alcohol mixture in desinfect will cause pain when applied to an open wound.

desinfect should not come into contact with eyes or mucous membranes. desinfect is not suitable for application in the genital area.

Should desinfect come into contact with eyes, flush the eyes with ample water and contact a physician.

Yes, but only on the hands. desinfect must be applied by an adult and should not be handled by children. desinfect must be stored out of reach for children.

No, to the contrary, doctors even recommend that regular use of disinfectant on your hands, because around 80% of viruses and bacteria are spread by hands. 

Disinfecting your hand is more effective than washing them. 

Disinfecting your hands is more effective than washing them, because it not just kills off more germs, but it is also saves more time (15 seconds versus at least 60 seconds). desinfect needs a mere 15 seconds to kill any unwanted bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Thanks to the thorough and rapid hygiene provided by desinfect, which is gentle on your skin, you can disinfect your hands wherever you are and whenever you want.

No, conventional cleansing towels do not fight unwelcome germs.

Yes, desinfect kills bacteria, fungi, and enveloped viruses. The effects, and the time they take, have been scientifically tested by independent laboratories and verified by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG).